The need to fill in this void of an alternative lifestyle phenomenon was born by a talented group from The Suyen Corporation who brought this nature to life and developed HUMAN, a store that brings the simplicity of both adventure and fun. Born a decade ago, HUMAN prolongs this venture for all those who want to live on the edge.

It offers an alternative selection of merchandise, not your usual classics but the design style is edgier, more fun. HUMAN clothing is modern basics, where streamlined trousers, jeans, shirts, tees or knits are redifined with an edge. Individuality is stressed with some unusual accent pieces within each collection. Classic fabrics are combined with new; soft textures with industrial finishes. Not only are the merchandise mix all clothing and hardware; products expand to fragrances, personal care products, home items and special products that meet the eye with a pleasingly low price tag.

Such descriptions that made such humourous declarations were easily read through packagings which said it all: “Alternative clothing and lifestyle peripherals. User-friendly and not too shy to be different. Packed with individual style, comfort, simplicity and quality. Fun built-in. No assembly required.” This added that fine tune to HUMAN and made this lifestyle store a brand to relate to. The young, technology savvy individual would appreciate such manner having connected to this.