For all kinds of you.

You’re you are only human. Made up of different things. A 3- punk brain. A voice ofPurpose and reason. A youthful nostalgia. A pop culture reference. A sound in the night when you cry or a laugh once you get over it. You are the future you dream of. The values you believe in. The mistakes you make. The chances you take. Accept it. Own it. Live it. Because its okay to just be…

For all
kinds of you.

HUMAN has a touch of humour which after all, is a human thing. Such descriptions that made such humourous declarations were easily read through packagings which said it all: “Alternative clothing and lifestyle peripherals. User-friendly and not too shy to be different. Packed with individual style, comfort, simplicity and quality. Fun built-in.
Taking on the alternative means daring to be different. It is human nature that depicts a simple day of how we choose to live- our wants and desires; our comfort zone and edgier side. The need to fill in this void of an alternative lifestyle phenomenon was born by a talented group from The Suyen Corporation who brought this nature to life and developed HUMAN

There’s no one
side to one person..